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GAP/SWOT Reengineering

For the optimization of business processes we are offering you our methodical clear
structured and very successful and powerful proven “Potential Analysis”.

In the context of this “Potential Analysis” your key employees of the investigated unit will participate
in “Brain Drain”- and “Focus”- Workshops to identify the strenghts and weaknesses within the given
business process. Based on the “Potential Analysis” concrete measures will be developed to correct
or to eliminate the obstacles for improving productivity and to ensure sustainability.

   -  The contribution of your employees in performing “Brain Drain” sessions and
          “Focus Workshops” assures that the findings, results, requirements and proposed
          solutions will have high quality and a high level of acceptance among the employees.

       -  You get a detailed analytical analysis, assessment, validation of the weaknesses and
          identification of the root causes for the key problems.

       -  Additionally the requirements to resolve the weaknesses will be identified by the
          core team.
       -  Develop concrete solutions to eleminate the root causes of the problems and establish
          an implementation plan considering the required resources.

Finally you will get a proposal for a holistic approach to improve the business processes
sustainable in the identified sectors .

 Konzept-Download:      Reengineering Process

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