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Productivity Management

Our productivity program is essentially a quality improvement program that reduces costs.
It examines the workflow and all controllable costs elements in the company. The assignment of the
costs to the activities (
Activity Based Costing) structure  gives you the transparency where the zones
for improvements are.  Together with your employees and a core team the weaknesses and potentials
for improvements will be examined in a very systematical-methodical approach.

      ●  The inclusion of all employees of the unit of analysis results in a high
          Motivation for change. The identification with the jointly developed
          Action is given to a high degree.

      ●  Due to the intensive employee participation, in conjunction with a systematic

          Implementation process, a very high degree of conversion is reached.

      ●  Our structured approach harnesses the creativity of your employees optimally
          and strengthens their motivation for the company.

Here are the results of 30 completed projects:


  - 20 - 45% reduction of costs influenced

  - 80% savings realized within 12 months

  - Realization of investment is usually <5% of the savings

  - Degree of conversion> 90%

  - Optimization of business processes / organizational structure

We actively support you in the implementation and provide you with a powerful concept for the

control of realization

Konzept-Download:    Productivity Program

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