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The well structured supplier management concept  supports you  especially in matters of productivity  

and quality assurance regarding of your suppliers.

Our supplier management process uses  process elements of our effective GAP analysis and

productivity program, to provide more sustainable improvements in terms of cost, quality, service and time

in the value chain of suppliers.

We have the ability and relevant experience in this field and have these task repeatedly carried out

successfully with renowned suppliers for the automotive industry.

Poppek Consulting will perform the following tasks:

●  Detection / evaluation of the process / project status on site or at suppliers

●  Definition of measures, documentation of results, and reporting to the project management

●  Tracking of action plans and review the effectiveness of measures on site or at suppliers

●  Development and evaluation of preventive measures to address product quality improvements

●  Assessment and coordination of qualifications and their Results

●  Support of error correction processes with the Technical Development and the supplier

●  Support and implementation of initial samples

●  Summary of quality requirements for future projects

Supplier Management